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Acne Scar Removal


Acne Scar Removal

Be just a pretty lovely attractive acne and acnescar free face. Acne is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition. Acne occurs when the pores of your skin are clogged with oil, dead skin or bacteria. Every pore has a hair follicle. A break in the follicle wall results in the swelling of the pores. Usually after Any inflammation, the skin heals it naturally and quickly. In this healing process, occasionally the skin becomes rough and will not be smooth. Deeper lesions with infected materials form deep pockets in the skin layers and causes inflammation. In this process of skin repairing, in few inflammatory lesions where the collagen production will be inactive or hyperactive or no production will be seen, causing deep scarring. so, Inflammatory acne or pimples can leave bad looking permanent scars.

Why to treat Acne scars ?
Face is the first to be noticed when you meet or greet someone. Any mark or mole or scar on the face is easily detectable by the other person. Everyone aspires a smooth and attractive skin and improvement of the skin tone and texture leads to the development of self confidence and boldness with no inferiority complex.
Acne formation
1) Plugged hair follicle
2) Accumulation of skin and sebum
3) Immune response to bacteria - Mild inflammation
4) High inflammation or Scarring
Before you treat your acne and scars, it’s important to know what type they are. At Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic, we have affordable prices which economically fits your pocket to solve your problem permanently. With a consultation by our Dermatologists, study of your Acne and scars is done.
Signs and symptoms of Acne Acne can develop not only on face but also on neck, back and chest.
Multiple factors are responsible for the Acne formation.
1) High rise of Sebum production
2) Alterations in Sebum lipids
3) Proliferation
4) Sebum production increased levels leads to formation
5) Excess secretion of fatty acids
6) Anti inflammation properties
7) Hormonal imbalances
8) Varied activity of Androgen secretion
9) Process of wound healing by the skin
10) Scaring is formed due to partial or fully loss of collagen production
11) In the process of healing by the skin in the active prone Acne, scars are formed.
What are Inflamed Acne?
They are swollen mild red coloured pimples and few acne even ooze.
# Papules
They can be either be Small or large.
Looks like red coloured raised pimples.
# Pustules
Red coloured and inflamed
# Nodules and cyst
White heads or blackheads(They are not inflamed)
White or skin looking tiny bumps or tiny open black pores
These Develop deep in the layers of the skin and quite larger than the regular pimple.
Many teenagers suffer with Acne breakouts due to hormonal imbalances.

Skin heals and repairs almost all the wounds and scars, but when a wound healing may turn into a scar, then it doesn't look good on your beautiful face.

What are these acne scars ?

Acne scars can be characterized mainly into 2 types Atrophic acne scars and hypertrophic acne scars

Atrophic acne scars

Atrophic acne scars are formed when the tissues starts regenerating or loss of tissues at a particular site. In loss of tissues the collagen production will be little or almost inactive. This causes scarring. Three types of Acne scar are under Atrophic acne.

Ice pick scars - small and narrow
Boxcar scars - flat bottomed, indentations similar to chicken pox
Rolling scars - mainly seen on Cheeks

Atrophic acne can be treated to achieve smooth glowing skin. Many treatments can be opted to reduce scarring appearance depending on the intensity of the inflammation and discussions with the Dermatologists and treatment options for Acne scars can be done.

Treatments opted for Atrophic acne scars are
Chemical peel
Dermal fillers
Skin needling
Punch grafting
Lasers and devices such as
Fractional Co 2 laser,
Fractional ND yag laser
Radiofrequency devices,
Microneedling Radiofrequency
Subcision RF
Sublative RF
Hypertrophic Acne

In Hypertrophic Acne, excessive production of collagen is deposited under the inner layer of the skin. This gives a raised scar look just like a pimple. Hypertrophic Acne scars are not so complicated. Scars are usually formed when there is an abnormal activity resulting in the process of healing of the skin during inflammation or infected wounds which triggers excess production of collagen.
Scars are not life threatening but they are very irritating, painful and patients experience self esteem issues.

What are the Treatments for Hypertrophic Acne ? Intralesional Kenacort treatment
Laser therapy
Cryo therapy
Other type of Acne noticed are as below
✓ Black heads
✓ White heads
✓ Pimples
✓ Cyst
✓ Nodules
✓ Lifestyles
✓ Hereditary
✓ Stress
✓ Environmental conditions
✓ Hormones
✓ Poor diet
Acne scar

Acne scars are formed by moderate to severe acne. They are the result of break in Follicles wall. Large inflamed acne blemishes leaves a scar. Acne breakouts can be frustrating and they can also leave scars on the face and other areas of the skin.

What are the different types of acne scars ?
  • Ice pick
  • Ice pick scars are narrow and deep pits. This happens usually while the healing process of the skin during Acne formation. Few scars look like large open pores. Do not prick or squeeze the Acne as they can give deep scarring.

  • Boxcars
  • Boxcars are like shallow scars. Deeper the inflammation and you are more prone to the permanent scars left on the skin. Punch excision and dermal fillers are suitable for this type of scars.

  • Rolling scars
  • Most common type of Acne scars is Rolling scar. These are the marks left behind the pimples when you prick of squeeze it. Scars can be clearly seen on the skin. Rolling scars are deep and narrow.

  • Keloid scars
  • These scars are caused by excess secretion of collagen during the skin healing process of Acne formation. They look like a lump or in raised form usually seen after any surgical incision for acne. They are not harmful but look very unattractive. They almost continue to grow unless treated or removed by the Dermatologists or Surgeon.

    Listed are few treatment options for Acne scar
  • Chemical peel
  • In this process outer layer of the skin will be peeled which is rough and old by a chemical substance and healing process will be carried on to get a new smooth skin.
    # Exposure to the sun should be avoided for few days prescribed as per the Dermatologist.
    # Lotions and Medications should be followed only with the suggestion of the Dermatologists.
    Soft Fillers
    In this Soft tissue fillers Treatment injectable Dermal fillers are used directly into the scarring region with a small needle to improve the appearance of the skin .As the fillers plump up and increases the volume of the scars and the result will be very effective and you will notice
    silky smooth skin immediately after few hours of the treatment.
    # Sterilized injections should be used
    # Treatment should be carried only under the supervision of the certified experienced Dermatologists.

  • Laser light therapy
  • A précised beam of light will be targeted at the Acne scars to treat the damaged tissues around the scars. This is a noninvasive technique and this will give a best output if it is combined with other Acne scar treatments as per the suggestions of the Dermatologists.
    # Minimal downtime and Discomfort

  • Punch grafting
  • Skin grafting is done to fill the scars .Punch grafting is suitable for ice pick scarring patients.
  • Micro dermabrasion
  • This is a non-invasive procedure. Small rough materials are used to remove the upper layer of the skin which is old and rough formed by acne scars.

    * Painless
    * Scar less
    * Minimal downtime
    * Inexpensive
    * Safe for all types of skin
    * Minimal Discomfort
  • Laser peeling
  • Peeling of old and rough skin is done using the beam of light of Laser to renew and regenerate the dead cells and give a new youthful glowing smooth skin.

    Laser therapy can effectively minimize the appearance of scars and repairs the damaged skin cells. Laser has a faster healing time than any other treatments which will diminish the appearance of acne scars for a longer time and sometimes permanently.

    Precautionary measures to slow down the formation of acne scar. After the consultation with the Dermatologists, treatment will slow down the acne scar formation. With the help of Healthy lifestyle you can prevent Acne formation.

  • Proper diet

  • 1) Avoid salty, excessive sugar and fatty contents. Opt for more green, red and yellow vegetables.
    2) Avoid smoking and drinking too much of tea, coffee and alcohol.
    3) Remove the makeup before going to bed.
    4) Drink plenty of water.
    5) Wash your face gently and use moisturizer.
    6) Sleep well because during sleep only the skin heals maximum.
    7) avoid taking high glycaemic and high fatty foods.
  • Pretreatment procedure Before getting prepared for the treatment.
  • Do follow the following instructions
    1) Thoroughly discuss your needs and expectations with the Dermatologists.
    2) Medical history of the patient should be clearly discussed with the Dermatologists.
    3) Any medications or allergies need to be discussed.
    4) Any infections and skin irritations should be mentioned before treatment.
    5) Avoid exfoliating creams prior the treatment.
    6) Inflammation need to be discussed.
    7) Avoid sun exposure before the Treatments.
    8) Previous inflammation, medications or surgeries underwent should be clearly discussed with the Dermatologists.
    5) Any auto immune disorders need to be explained to the Dermatologists.
    6) All expectations and requirements should be thoroughly put up in front of the Dermatologists.
    7) Choose only certified Dermatologists and well experienced Clinic for all the Treatments.

  • 1) Use only creams and lotions prescribed by the Dermatologists.
    2) Avoid exposure to the sun for the suggested time period by doctor.
    3) Any excess irritation caused immediately contact the Doctor.
    4) No scratching or picking for irritating the new skin.
    5) Strict diet and medications should be followed as per the Dermatologists suggestions.

    At Celestee Skin laser and Hair clinic, we have formulated excellent treatment options keeping in mind the level of damage caused by Acne and scars. Home remedies, most commonly used for treating acne and scars are useless and are not advisable. There is no guarantee or Minimal effect to treat facial scars.

    We at Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic help you to treat your sensitive skin gently. Firstly our Dermatologists assess your

    # Skin type,
    # Genetic factors,
    # Sensitive skin prone to reactions,
    # Medical history,
    # Acne prone,
    # Diet plan
    # Skin healing process,
    # Inflammation levels,
    And suggest the most effective treatments to find the best ways to treat your skin problems.
    Acne and scar treatments.

    Why to choose the comprehensive Treatments at Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic?
    Dr. Rajkirit the renowned Dermatologists and the expertise has been treating and maintaining a good will with more than thousands of happy patients by doing 10000+ cosmetic surgeries.

    Our Motto is for optimal efficiency in all our operations. Life is tough let it not show on your skin. At Celestee Skin Laser and Hair Clinic, the only centre to provide the best lasers and devices and of course all the range of the devices, we have ample of treating options keeping in mind the level of damage caused by Acne and Scars. We tailor make the treatment options and decide what is the best for the patients skin type and decide accordingly.

    Blemishes, sunburn, scars, spots, Acne, scarring, all these things that are disturbing your beautiful skin will be treated at Celestee Clinic under certified medical professionals via scientific approach and systematic step by step procedure. Stop living with pimples, cuts and burns and scarring .Just you are a call away to treat and smoothen your beautiful skin.

    Live with spotless flawless youthful skin free from acne scars. Customized designed personalized treatment plan will help you to understand the strategy of systematic treatment of Acne scar formation. The various procedures are available at our Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser clinic which gives you precise results as per your expectations.

    Fractional CO2 laser
    Micro needling RF
    Subcision RF
    Punch excision
    Punch elevation
    Scar revision surgeries
    Fractional RF
    Active acne RF
    Dermal grafting
    Microdermabrasion and
    Dermal fillers,
    Intralesional therapies for keloids and Hypertrophic scars
    Derma roller or MICRONEEDLING

    These and many more number of treatments are available at our Clinic to deal with Acne scar formation.The one or Two or multiple combination of treatments are combined for the best results at an affordable price. The treatments will be suggested as per the Dermatologists after the complete diagnosis and study report of your skin sensitivity, skin response and healing process and Acne scar formation.

    Our Motto is for optimal efficiency in all Treatments.

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