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Age factors are chasing Men and Women with pace. Stress, strain and lifestyles of today's generation are making our skin appear dull, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and loose skin.

Look at the best version of yourself by reversing the signs of ageing and renew your youthful lost glory of the skin at Celestee Hair, Skin and Laser Clinic. Celestee presents South India's no. 1 Treatment procedures in Botox and Dermal fillers which gives back your natural silky smooth younger looking skin and the results that lasts up to a long time.
Dermal fillers and Botox treatments are Non-surgical procedures used by celebrities and high society people to keep up their younger looking glowing skin. Here is a good news to everyone that we Celestee Clinic is bringing you these treatments to reach all of you at a affordable cost.


Botox is purified form of botulinum toxins.It is a cosmetic surgery given through injections. Botox works on Dynamic Wrinkles and are often called as "expression lines."It freezes muscles to stop creases and wrinkles caused by facial expressions.

What is Botox?

When the Botulinum toxins are injected into the facial muscles immediately they are freezed and the appearance of Wrinkles, fine lines, furrows, crow's feet wrinkles will be reduced. Wrinkles are caused due to lack of collagen production in the skin. It is a natural purified protein that relaxes the muscles and smoothens the wrinkles. Botox Is suitable for all above 18 and below 65 years of age. Botox is very popular in men and women as its efficacy Results are noticed very quickly after the treatment.

How to choose Botox treatment?

Botox Treatment is very popular and injections used should highly purified and sterilized. At Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic Dr. Rajkirit and his well-trained team of doctors always focus on hygiene and cleanliness around the Clinic. Their quality service and experience in Botox treatments is since 15 years. Many happy customers are leading a happy younger life with full satisfaction with our botox services. Our trained Dermatologists will select a customized plan for your skin that deals all your needs with complete satisfaction.

What are the Treatments available in Botox?

At Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic we have ample of treatments that deals with anti- ageing factors. Below mentioned are few of them. All our treatments are US FDA approved performed under well trained Doctors and technicians.

Botox Treatment for Wrinkles

In this treatment Botox disables the muscles of facial which leads to appearance of smooth skin.

Botox Treatment for Fine lines

Initial fine lines later leads to Wrinkles .If fine lines treated well then disappearance of wrinkles will be affected. Botox relaxes the muscles and fill the line or creases.

Botox Treatment for face

With Botox injections Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced which gives a youthful glowing skin. On face itself there are many points where Botox injections are used.

1) Wrinkles in forehead
2) Glabellar lines- Frown lines between eyebrows
3) Frown lines
4) Bunny lines
5) Wrinkles around the lips
6) Marionette lines - Wrinkles at the corners of the mouth.
7) Crow's feet frown lines
8) Under eye treatments
Do Men opt for Botox Treatment ?

Don't ever think beauty is only for women. In today's fast lifestyles everyone is prone to ageing much faster than normal, expecially men, as they practice less sunprotection and daily care.
Men need high grooming as there are high expectations with increasing career goals and appearance and presentation plays a vital role. Men are increasingly opting for Botox Treatment to improve their appearance and reverse the signs of ageing.

Botox injections freeze the muscles and triggers the production of collagen in the skin. Modelling, acting, high profile executives and Weddings are considered as requirements and Botox is well recommended.

Is Botox a non invasive procedure ?

Unsightly Wrinkles, Fine lines, under eye wrinkles and eye bags, crow's feet, wrinkles on forehead, cheeks, wrinkles around the lips, neck bands and many more in-depth analysis will be done by our Expert medical Professionals. You need to put up your need and after the study of the skin texture the best plan shall be suggested to give a full satisfaction with the output.

Does Botox treatment for Turkey neck help ?

Young people often have very beautiful neck bands but as of age factors due to sagging or creases of skin this neck appears to be loose and sagging which gives a very aged look. With Botox injections instant neck lift can be achieved which gives a youthful appearance.

Does Botox injections help for treating underarm sweating ?

Excessive underarm sweating leaves an unsightly sweat stains on the clothes. Sweating of the skin is a normal activity of the body but excessive sweating in underarms hands or feet need to be treated for all ages of men and women. Unsightly sweat stains on clothes are very stressful and embarrassing in public gatherings. Very small doses of Botox injections are very effective to treat hyperhidrosis and block the nerve that causes sweating in the skin under the arms.
Effects of Botox treatment lasts up to 6 months.

What are the Benefits of Botox treatment ?
  • Quick and easy
  • Quick and comfortable
  • Minimum down time
  • Minimum discomfort while injecting
  • Painless and scarless
  • What are the other Treatments available other than Anti-ageing Treatments ?

    You might have noticed many celebrities before and after pics with lips, eyebrows, jawline change .We offer many similar treatments to give you the “best of you”.
    Our other enhancement Treatments are

    1) Eyebrows lifting or reshaping
    2) Sculpting nose and jawline
    3) Neck bands can be relaxed
    4) Lips enhancement
    5) Hyperhidrosis condition can be treated
    6) Cheek bones enhance treatment
    What are Dermal fillers ?

    Dermal fillers are a boon and gives amazing results. Magical youthful glowing days of your skin will be back . You can experience the new beautiful you. It gives natural ,glowing youthful appearance to skin.
    Fillers are designed to treat different signs of ageing and other Cosmetic issues which lasts up to a long time. The hyaluronic acid and similar other substances are used to fill in or plump areas that lost volume and smoothness.

    Treatment can be done on
    ✓ Frown lines
    ✓ Crow's feet
    ✓ Fore head
    ✓ Neck lines
    ✓ Cheeks
    ✓ Chin
    ✓ Wrinkles
    ✓ Fine lines
    We provide varied services and specialized treatment.
    ✓ Face fillers
    ✓ Lip Enhancement
    ✓ Nose jobs
    ✓ Under Eye Fillers
    ✓ Anti wrinkle Treatment
    ✓ Fine lines
    ✓ Non surgical procedure
    ✓ Tightening of loose skin

    This single Treatment adds up the volume to the skin, smoothens the skin, wrinkle free, enhance shallow contours and minimizes the appearance of facial lines with less pain, less swelling, less discomfort and minimal downtime. We offer personalized professional care and strive hard to keep up our clients fully up to date on safety and satisfaction.

    Other than Anti-ageing Treatments, What are other Treatments available ?
  • Contouring the lips
  • Reshaping facial features
  • Jawline Sculpting
  • Creasing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dimple creation
  • Dark circles, eye bags Removal Treatment
  • Cheeks enhancement
  • Neck bands relaxation
  • Acne scar removal
  • This treatment triggers the production of collagen production and delays the signs of ageing.
    Are Dermal fillers for Men ?

    Men's skin different from women's skin. Men's skin is more thicker and rougher than that of women’s skin. So, the treatment will be little more effective and impressive than it is for women. Grooming men are welcomed at Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser clinic to improve the appearance and confidence to approach. Many male celebrities have opted this treatment in Bollywood, Hollywood, models and TV actors to look younger than their biological age. Men, it's time for you to groom and groove .

    #Options for Men
    #Unsightly Wrinkles
    #Under eye wrinkle treatment
    #Under eye bags treatment
    #Wrinkles and fine lines disappearance
    #Neckbands can be relaxed
    #Improve your skin tone by the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles to get a smooth glowing youthful skin.

    Discover a new you.
    Reverse the signs of aging and turn the clock backwards.

    What are the Differences between Botox and Dermal FILLERS treatment ?

    Before opting for cosmetic procedures let's see what are the similarities between Botox and Dermal fillers. Both the Treatments show different impact to the individual necessities and requirements.

    ✓ Both Botox and Dermal fillers treatments are for cosmetic procedures which are non invasive treatments.
    ✓Both the treatments are for men and women which are in demand.
    ✓ Suitable age is 18 to 65 years
    ✓ These Treatments are opted by many celebrities and high class societies for their best appearance
    ✓ These Treatments are now available at affordable prices especially at celeste and everyone one can live young and feel young .
    ✓ Both the procedures are Anti ageing Treatments.
    ✓ While undergoing Botox and Dermal fillers strict diet and prescribed lotions or medications given by the Dermatologists need to followed strictly for great results.
    The main differences between Botox and Dermal fillers can be studied below
    Botox Treatment
    1)BOTOX works on 'Dynamic' wrinkles.
    2) Freezes up the muscles
    3) Results are noticed immediately after the treatment, can lasts up to a specified time .
    4) Upper face of the body instructed in most cases.
    5)They do work on static wrinkles
    6)Botox works on wrinkles caused by facial movements
    7) They do work on fine lines and wrinkles caused by loss of plump or sagging of facial skin.
    What does a Dermal filler do ?
    1) Dermal fillers adds volume to the skin
    2) DERMAL FILLERS are used to "Fill in" or "Plump areas" that have lost volume and smoothness.
    3) Signs of ageing can postponed for a longer time as they work from deep layers of the skin
    4) Age related factors are postponed.
    5) They work perfectly on static wrinkles
    6) Collagen injectable filler is injected into wrinkles or fine lines which are noticed in rest position.
    7) DERMAL fillers adds volume and plumps up the skin it also clear the wrinkles and fine lines by smoothening the skin.
    8) Results vary according to the choice of the dermal filler and the expectations of the client.
    9) Dermal fillers show a long lasting effect.

    People should understand that they need to discuss their requirements, expectations and needs with the Dermatologists and make choice accordingly. Both BOTOX and Dermal fillers are designed for different individual needs, necessities and expectations.

    What are Pretreatment consultations ?

    Firstly we learn about your requirements and your just a call away to reach us. Schedule an appointment with our Dermatologists and discuss about your requirements .Our certified Dermatologists will Diagnose your skin condition.

    # Sensitivity of the skin
    # Enquires about Allergies
    # Smoothness of the skin as Fillers show different impact on smooth skin
    #Age factors
    #Medical history
    #Environmental exposure at work and home
    #Daily routines
    #Genetic factors
    #Any usage of daily medicine should be discussed

    After the study our Dermatologists provide you a detailed analysis report about your skin treatments to give best results. Strict diet plans and any prescribed medications or lotions must be followed for good output and to avoid any mishaps.

    Why to choose Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic Botox and Dermal fillers ?

    Dr.Rajkirit E.P, Dermatologist and DermatoSurgeon with his team of medical professionals have built up a magnificent high quality professional care to improve your experience and help you to rediscover yourself. We together suggest long lasting treatments to solve your age- related skin problems. Botox and Fillers are the best non-surgical procedures to solve all the skin related problems. We are the best in treating skin related problems since 15 years by providing a customized skin care treatments and assure you the quality service with best results. Just call Celestee Clinic and book an appointment with our Dermatologists to redefine your age.

    Our motto is to serve people and Full fill their needs and expectations at an affordable price.
    ✓ Optimal efficiency
    ✓ High quality service
    ✓ Diverse Treatments
    ✓ Precision
    ✓ Affordable services
    ✓ Neat and clean surroundings
    ✓ Friendly atmosphere
    ✓ Trained medical professionals
    ✓ Trained technicians
    ✓ Highly upgraded technology
    ✓ Modern techniques
    ✓ Friendly staff
    ✓ Amazing ambience
    ✓ Grooming for men and women
    ✓ guaranteed satisfaction
    ✓ Highly professional
    Our reviews and Testimonials are proof of our successful stories since 15 years in the service of serving people.
    # please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending upon individual skin type with their requirements and expectations.
    Unwrap your youthful glowing skin……………………………..

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