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Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal

Stop living with unwanted hair on unsightly sites. Waxing, tweezing, shaving or threading and all other hair removal methods are outdated. Choose a permanent safest hair removal techniques at Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic. Permanent Reduction from unwanted hair growth from different parts of the body. You will stubble after few days of waxing, shaving or threading. Get in touch with a new silky smooth hair free skin. Laser hair removal Laser hair removal is a miraculous technology to solve this problem of unsightly hair. Laser hair removal is an effective modern technology and clinically proven treatment for the removal of unwanted hair from your desired site of the body and face.

Nobody likes having unsightly hair in strange places. Tired of painful tweezing, threading, shaving or waxing. Laser Hair Removal Treatment can permanently reduce unwanted hair on the face and body by giving you a silky smooth soft hair free skin. This is a very popular and common procedure recommend and is safe and comfort with little down time.

Laser Hair Removal should be done with well trained, experienced and certified medical professionals. We at Celestee skin, hair and Laser Clinic has many successful experienced and highly skilled Laser Technology and trained professionals to guide you for a perfect Treatment.

If you have additional queries or would like to speak with our certified Dermatologists, you are just a call away. Celestee brings you 15 years of successful Laser Hair Reduction services with more than 1 lakh happy customers.

Laser Hair Removal

In the area for the reduction of the hair will be exposed to pulses of Laser light that destroys hair follicles. Pigment in Follicles absorbs the light that destroys the hair. After your first Treatment you might notice reduction in the hair. As you complete your sessions, you will begin noticing the further reduction in hair. We at Celestee laser clinic our Laser specialist understands your skin type, growth of hair etc. will ensure and guide you a perfect Treatment suitable for your skin. We offer a variety of treatment options in hair reduction process as per your requirements. We design a special customized personalized package to treat your needs and necessities in hair reduction procedure. Packages are designed and combined according to the individual needs and expectations in single or multiple areas saving time and money. We offer a vast range of combinations in Laser hair removal treatment for a pleasant experience for our client's comfort ability and satisfaction.

Laser hair removal treatment for Men

Don't ever think that women only deserve to look beautiful. In today's generation men and women are equally opting for the grooming procedures. We at Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic offer wide range of treatment options even for Men.

Hair growth in few men is seen all over the body. But men hesitate to groom themselves. Look at the bodybuilders, athletes, celebrities and models, their bodies with muscular look without hair is very appealing. Do not assume hair removal treatments are only for the women but also men equally deserve to opt for Laser hair removal treatment. We at Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser clinic have many male clients who are living a happy hair free life.

Dr. Rajkirit is an experienced Practitioner and Surgeon in treating unwanted hair reduction process since 15 years in his service he has treated many people who are very happy with their results. Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic Is established to offer service and reach to everyone.

Even men's sensitive areas which are untouched in Saloons can be treated safely and gently at our Clinic

1) Unibrow shaping
2) Hair around the ear
3) Ingrown hair on the neck
4) Genital Hair
5) Hair on stomach
6) Hair on shoulders and neck
7) Hair on chest
8) Hair in armpits and lower back for treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa and pilonidal sinus

How does Laser Hair Removal Treatment works?

Working procedure
The beam of light energy emitted from the Lasers penetrates into the hair roots and blocks the hair growth in the hair follicles. It does not kill the hair follicles or the hair loss but it only blocks or reduces the future hair to grow. This treatment gives a long lasting result. Men even opt to decline the growth of hair rather than removal of complete hair. In this process it doesn’t damage the upper part or superficial or deeper parts of the skin. That’s the beauty of the lasers. They are very specific and would only target the hair follicles as the laser is hair specific

Time Duration of Laser hair removal treatment Minimal time or you can say your lunch time of 30 minutes max per session will be taken for the reduction of hair by lasers.

Depending on the hair density, hair growth, ingrown hair and sensitivity of the skin the sessions for the treatments will be recommended by the dermatologist.

Best treated areas

Removal of unwanted hair or reduction of unwanted hair on full body and face with sensitive areas can be treated very effectively. Note : Hair inside the nostrils and ears can also be treated in this method as we have a special laser probe which is not available with any other machine.


Most of the men and women are happy and satisfied with the results of Laser Hair Removal treatment at Celestee skin laser and Hair Clinic.

Complete removal of the hair or thinning of the hair on chest and back can also be obtained for Men.

For women Laser hair removal treatments gives an amazing results with an output of silky smooth hair free skin.

Results are permanent but to maintain in the due course once in a while trial touch-up treatments can be done.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Precision - Lasers perfectly target the site while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Speed - Even small and sensitive areas like upper lip and under arms are treated in less than a minute whereas large areas take just an hour. Results - There is a permanent hair loss after few sessions with a silky smooth skin. Laser hair removal treatment for underarms

Daringly go sleeveless and enjoy all the styles of life. Get freedom from underarm hair. Say goodbye unwanted underarm hair and say hi to silky smooth skin. Repeated shaving or waxing under the sensitive skin of underarms experiences severe burns, irritation and other than this is stubble troubles a lot. Laser hair removal treatment is the best option to treat underarm hair removal reduction for silky smooth hair and pose sleeveless boldly and happily this is the most simplest Laser hair removal reduction treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Arms

This is the most opted area to treat hair reduction procedures. Waxing, tweezing, shaving and other hair removal lotions are used by men and women. These are Most opted methods for reduction of hair but they don't treat the ingrown hair and stubble troubles a lot.

With the state of art cosmetic lasers are very effective in treating the hair Reduction methods

Lasers are very effective and its Precise target gives best output. We at Celestee Clinic use only US FDA approved Triple wavelength soprano ice platinum Laser machines which are highly modernized updated versions . These are used by Expertise, qualified Surgeons and his trained technicians. Laser hair removal treatment are quick, safe, minimal downtime, painless and scarless Treatment.

Laser hair removal treatment for face?

Facial hair is very sensitive and can be treated very effective by Lasers. Prevent razors threading and other hair removal creams to work on your sensitive skin of the face. Face is the beautiful and the most sensitive part of the skin. Treat it gently softly and with care. Putting sharp and Harsh treatments for the face causes rashes and irritations to the skin. Face is the care of concern in both men and women.

Lasers target hair reduction region and the light energy emitting by the Laser will be absorbed by the pigments of hair and the roots of hair growth will be blocked or process of growth will be slow down. Dream of silky smooth Hair free for Men and Women is now possible at an affordable packages.

At Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic under the supervision of Experienced, Visionary Dr. Rajkirit and his trained Doctors and technicians with a friendly ambience the dream of painless hair free reduction is Possible. It's so simple during your lunch time of 30 minutes you can come and take your Laser Hair Removal Treatment and resume to your duties immediately after the treatment.

In the process of consultation the Dermatologist study about your hair, hair growth cycle, hair density, scalp, skin sensitivity and it's response.

With detailed analysis and according to your expectations and needs he will give a customized plan of Treatment.

Discrete treatment methods are performed at Celestee Clinic for a perfect smoothness and optimal results.

Facial Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Women 1) Eye brows shaping
2) Unibrow shaping
3) Upper lip
4) Side burns
5) Extra hair on forehead and cheeks
6) Neck Facial Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Men
1) Neckline
2) Full beard
3) Shape of beard
4) Neck back
5) Hair around ears
6) Side locks
NOTE :- Hair inside the nostrils and ears are untreated.

Pretreatment precautionary measures to be observed before the Laser hair removal treatment.

1) Do not apply hair bleach creams or hair removal creams before the treatment.
2) No hair waxing or tweezing.
3) Avoid exposure to the sun by applying sunscreen lotion.
4) No alcohol consumption
5) Discuss your allergies like dermographism and keloids and medical conditions with the Dermatologists.
6) Discuss your expectations, needs and the site of treatment regions with the Dermatologists.
7) Ensure with the surgeon regarding the perfect treatment for your skin sensitivity.

We Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic is safe and set high medical standards for providing complete care for your needs. We at Celestee, our Dermatologists and Surgeons use highly upgraded with latest technology Lasers to treat you from unwanted hair and ensure to set maximum safe and effective results.

Benefits of Laser treatments # Gentle and safe
# Quick n easy
# Effective
# Long lasting
# Silky smooth skin
# Noticeable change
# Permanent Reduction
# No redness
# No scars
# No discomfort
# No irritation
# No stubble
# Minimal downtime
How are we different from others?
We have a total of 15 years of experience in treating and making successful stories till now.
Our Testimonials and Reviews are proof of our good results and making our patients happy.
Our Dedicated staff and expert care with Qualified and trained medical professionals earned us many successful historical moments For Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Rajkirit the renowned dermatologist has established Celestee Skin, Laser and Hair Clinic, since 15 years without compromising in quality has assured a pollution free ,neat and clean environment in the hospital to obtain desired precise results. We are equipped with highly upgraded modern technique Lasers and our technicians are fully qualified and trained to ensure you with great results.

Rush now and schedule an appointment to consult our Dermatologists and live a hair free life. Then he and his team of highly trained doctors, qualified and well mannered staff and assistants are striving hard to give tried and tested, most advanced safe and quality service to the client satisfaction. We believe in precise quality assurance with optimum efficiency.

No to stubble trouble
No to unsightly hair
No to unwanted hair
Say YES to Perfect Precise Practitioner

NOTE :- After the treatment necessary precautions and guidelines should be followed as per the guidelines of the Dermatologist

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