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Laser Toning


Laser Toning

Say goodbye to blemishes, Wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Stress, strain, environmental exposure, pollution, and other chemical factors leads to show on your skin texture. With a longer exposure to UV rays of sun skin loses its shine, elasticity, texture and looks dull with an uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Now let's celebrate the occasion to get freed from imperfections with a complete package of Laser toning Treatment at Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic.

Laser toning Treatment is an unique treatment for conditions such as lichen planus pigmentosus, ashy dermatosis and melasma. With the help of lasers the energy emitted, reduces visible pigmentation and allow your immune system to repair them. Earn your youthful, glowing and beautiful skin by restoring its gone glow and rejuvenating your skin.

When the damage is caused deep inside the layers of dermis the laser beam light targets that site of the skin and the beam light heats the skin layers. This process completely remove blemishes, scars and all the blocks deep in the pores of the skin. Laser toning treatment causes no destruction or removing of skin layer but it just heats up the required site of skin elements which are targeted that are inflamed or blocked. As the age factors chases, production of collagen and elastin will be reduced. In this generation not only age but lifestyle changes, diet, hormonal imbalances, medications , pollution, allergies, dust, environmental factors, exposure to UV rays and so on damages the skin and the results are damaging our skin causing age spots, red spots, dark spots, freckles, fine lines , freckles, large pores, pigmentation which makes the looks of your skin beyond the biological age. Excessive consumption of tea, soda, coffee and alcohol disturbs skin tone and texture. Skin loses its shine, smoothness, softness and looks imperfect.

Signs and symptoms of skin ailments
# Dehydrated skin
# Loose skin
# Loss of elasticity
# Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
# Freckles
# Spots
# Uneven skin tone and texture
# Slow down in production of collagen and elastin
# Rough texture of the skin
# Scarring
# Dull skin

What are best treatment options for treating skin dullness or pigmentation at Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic?

At Celestee Skin, Laser and Hair Clinic we have ample of procedures to treat your sensitive skin gently. Huge range of options are available to opt and treat your skin related problems to rejuvenate and recreate the magic moments of your glowing youthful skin. When you are treated by our Dermatologists, they will scan the deep layers of the skin and diagnose the destruction causes on outer, inner and deep layers of the skin. The condition of the skin will be studied and a detailed analysis report will be given with all the possible treatment options. Just remember, it's good to always opt a Certified Clinic and a well experienced Dermatologists to treat your skin. Laser treatments are a blessing in treating skin disorders and the best options to solve skin ailments as they are non surgical procedures with precise results and minimum downtime. Laser therapy gives perfect radiance to the skin, enhances your beauty with minimizing all the imperfections.

What is skin Toning ?

The Lasers not only treat the damaged dead cells but the discoloration will be removed which enhances the skin colour and improves smoothness and shine of the skin. We use moisturizers, toners, lotions, serums and face wash on our skin in a cleansing purpose. In this manner Toner helps the skin to be hydrated and maintain the perfect pH levels leaving skin clean and clear.

Laser Toning decreases the appearance of fine lines and removes the impurities and oil from the skin and helps it in healing process. Due to many mismatched reasons the skin loses its natural power of healing and appears to be dull and loses its shine. In this case skin Toning Laser Therapy is a blessing to soothe the skin. Skin toning laser therapy enables the toning process of the skin by giving firmness and removing the residue beneath the skin layers.

Q- Switched Lasers are used in Laser toning process to reverse age factors, acne scars, tan and pigmentation. It’s an effective solution to treat the skin ailments and delay the process of aging. This Laser with perfect confined fixed wavelengths are targeted on the site of the skin and stimulates the skin area which needs to be treated.

How does a Laser Toning treatment works in skin Rejuvenation ?

A specific beam of light with confined wavelength is targeted in the Dermis which penetrates into the deep layers of the skin to treat pigmentation, lesions, moles, freckles, birthmarks and Melasma. Mainly a Q- Switched Laser is used in Laser Toning treatment. It is a technique of Laser by amplifying the wavelength of the lasers which is used multiple times to target a particular region which needs treatment. The control of Laser will be fully on the trained and certified Dermatologist and his team of technicians.

Benefits of Laser toning Treatment
1) Hypo and hyper pigmentation which is a serious issue can also be treated by Lasers.
2) Precise results
3) Patches or spots or DE coloration of skin can be treated perfectly.
4) Safe and secure Results
5) Quality service and perfect shots under the full control of the Dermatologists.
6) Stability in the production of collagen and elastin
7) Enhances Natural immune system
8) Reactivate the skin cells
Results of Laser toning Treatment

It works perfect on the desired site under the guidance of a qualified, expertise Dermatologist and his team of technicians. Lasers are highly powerful and only a trained technician and Practitioners needs to use it in a precise manner. We at Celestee clinic practice safe and secure ways with scientific technology to deal with Lasers. In this Laser Toning treatment, the lasers are fully under the control of trained, Experienced Practitioners. Results vary according to the skin conditions and it's response to the treatment. Usually after the treatment the skin will be

1) Supple soft skin
2) Firm skin
3) Glowing and youthful skin
4) Even skin tone and texture
5) Tight skin
6) Enhanced collagen production
7) No downtime
8) Recovery time
9) No scarring
10) Minimal pain

We use upgraded Laser toning equipment’s which is very safe and effective to all skin tones. Mostly all the patients can return to their day to day activities immediately after the treatment. Virtually no pain and downtime. With its Precise target on the skin site, the Laser light triggers collagen production and elastin by provoking the natural response of the body immune system and clears all the discoloration factors. Post Treatment guidance with necessary counselling and precautions to the patients regarding the use of good and effective skin products will be given at Celestee Clinic.

What are Laser Toning treatment works on ?

We at Celestee Skin, Laser and Hair Clinic treat a range of skin issues like. Laser treatment is a proven scientific method to treat almost all the for treating different skin ailments. Different types of treatments are available and by the recommendation of the Dermatologist you can opt for best treatment suitable for your skin.


It is a kind of hyper pigmentation. For treating melasma different types of treatments are available. Laser toning treatment is popular in treating melasma. Mostly Q- switched Laser is opted for treating Pigmentation.

1) Dark or light patches on skin.
2) It can be genetic or environmental factors
3) Sun Tan
4) Low influential laser is treated for melasma which proves it efficacy.
5) Hyper pigmentation

Laser Toning treatment can easily treat the stubborn Pigmentation in the deep layers of the skin. They work very effectively on the dark spots and decreases the production of melanin by correcting all the imperfections. Q- Switched LASER is used with low energy in Laser Toning treatment to decrease the level of pigmentation and triggers the production of collagen by encouraging the natural body immune system for perfect radiance and glow.Spots and Dark circles can also treated effectively with desirable results.

Why opt for Laser toning TREATMENT?
✓ No pain
✓ No scars
✓ No discomfort
✓ No downtime
✓ Non surgical procedure

The Laser toning works on the invasive way which benefits in skin rejuvenation. This effect is highly selective for Melanosomes and leads to overall skin brightening. All the skin conditions can be cured by using Laser toning Treatment which is a non-surgical procedure.

Best effects of Laser Toning treatment
1)Reverse the age factors
2)Acne scar treatments
3)Stubborn Pigmentation
5)Dark circles

Laser therapy works precisely on site of the skin to be treated. The pigment areas observe the laser energy and triggers the production of collagen and improves the natural body immune system to repair the dead cells.

Who is the Candidate best suitable for Laser Toning treatment ?

Laser toning treatment enhances skin tone and texture by erasing all the imperfections by removing dead cells and triggering the collagen production. Any candidate concerned with cosmetic issues can opt for Laser Toning treatment to treat skin ailments like spots, uneven skin tone, blotchy skin, large open pores, suntan and discoloration.

What are the pretreatment procedures of Laser Toning ?

At Celestee Skin, Laser and Hair Clinic , Dr. RajKirit and his team of doctors are well trained in working with the Lasers. At our Clinic we use highly upgraded powered machines by maintaining the standards and quality according to US FDA approved version. Our Dermatologist scan your skin tone and give a detailed diagnosis report and suggest you the best treatment options to give optimal results.

1) The candidate needs to discuss the one’s requirements and expectations with the dermatologist.
2) Medical history, Medical conditions, Medications, genetic disorders and allergies need to be clearly put up in front of the Dermatologists.
3) No makeup should be used prior the Laser toning treatment.
How does Q-Switched Lasers work?

Lasers are a boon in the medical field. Q- Switched Laser is a modern technique used by the dermatologists in treating skin disorders. Q- Switched Laser is very effective, precise, highly safe and secure to the skin sensitivity. The beam of light released from the Laser targets the site of skin ailment and treats it within the deep layers of the dermis by eradicating dead cells and repairing the damaged tissues without causing and disturbance to the surrounding area of the skin. Depending on the skin pigmentation and melasma conditions and other skin related issues will be dealt and the sessions will be fixed by the Dermatologists accordingly. Immediately after the first session of the Laser Toning treatment you will notice an enhancement of the skin texture on the face. As no downtime you can immediately return to your daily routine. Q-switched Lasers are combined with other highly effective treatments and skin care products to stimulate the skins inner beauty and give precise desired results.

It's completely safe for sensitive skin and pigmentation from the deep layers of the dermis.
In Laser toning Treatment, how is Celestee Clinic different from others ?

Beauty salons and Home remedies give a temporary glow to the skin. For a long lasting impression Laser toning Treatment is best for regaining the lost glory of your beautiful skin. You are gifted with a beautiful skin and we at Celestee Clinic help you to regain smooth, shiny skin and maintain it. Our team of doctors, trained technicians and well mannered staff ensure you to provide quality treatment at an affordable price then what are you waiting for? Just call us and schedule an appointment with our Dermatologists.

We at Celestee Skin, Laser and Hair Clinic invite you for a visit to our clinic and consult our doctors and let them help you to study your skin.

Rediscover yourself and get back the lost glory of your Skin.

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