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Say goodbye to blemishes, Wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Stress, strain, environmental exposure, pollution, and other chemical factors leads to show on your skin texture. With a longer exposure to UV rays of sun skin loses its shine, elasticity, texture and looks dull with an uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Now let's celebrate the occasion to get freed from imperfections with a complete package of Laser toning Treatment at Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic.

Laser toning Treatment is an unique treatment for conditions such as lichen planus pigmentosus, ashy dermatosis and melasma. With the help of lasers the energy emitted, reduces visible pigmentation and allow your immune system to repair them. Earn your youthful, glowing and beautiful skin by restoring its gone glow and rejuvenating your skin.

When the damage is caused deep inside the layers of dermis the laser beam light targets that site of the skin and the beam light heats the skin layers. This process completely remove blemishes, scars and all the blocks deep in the pores of the skin. Laser toning treatment causes no destruction or removing of skin layer but it just heats up the required site of skin elements which are targeted that are inflamed or blocked.

What are best treatment options for treating skin dullness or pigmentation at Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic?

At Celestee Skin, Laser and Hair Clinic we have ample of procedures to treat your sensitive skin gently. Huge range of options are available to opt and treat your skin related problems to rejuvenate and recreate the magic moments of your glowing youthful skin. When you are treated by our Dermatologists, they will scan the deep layers of the skin and diagnose the destruction causes on outer, inner and deep layers of the skin. The condition of the skin will be studied and a detailed analysis report will be given with all the possible treatment options. Just remember, it's good to always opt a Certified Clinic and a well experienced Dermatologists to treat your skin. Laser treatments are a blessing in treating skin disorders and the best options to solve skin ailments as they are non surgical procedures with precise results and minimum downtime.

Laser therapy gives perfect radiance to the skin, enhances your beauty with minimizing all the imperfections.

What is skin Toning ?

The Lasers not only treat the damaged dead cells but the discoloration will be removed which enhances the skin colour and improves smoothness and shine of the skin.

We use moisturizers, toners, lotions, serums and face wash on our skin in a cleansing purpose. In this manner Toner helps the skin to be hydrated and maintain the perfect pH levels leaving skin clean and clear.

Laser Toning decreases the appearance of fine lines and removes the impurities and oil from the skin and helps it in healing process. Due to many mismatched reasons the skin loses its natural power of healing and appears to be dull and loses its shine. In this case skin Toning Laser Therapy is a blessing to soothe the skin. Skin toning laser therapy enables the toning process of the skin by giving firmness and removing the residue beneath the skin layers.

How does a Laser Toning treatment works in skin Rejuvenation ?

A specific beam of light with confined wavelength is targeted in the Dermis which penetrates into the deep layers of the skin to treat pigmentation, lesions, moles, freckles, birthmarks and Melasma. Mainly a Q- Switched Laser is used in Laser Toning treatment. It is a technique of Laser by amplifying the wavelength of the lasers which is used multiple times to target a particular region which needs treatment. The control of Laser will be fully on the trained and certified Dermatologist and his team of technicians.

In Laser toning Treatment, how is Celestee Clinic different from others ?

Beauty salons and Home remedies give a temporary glow to the skin. For a long lasting impression Laser toning Treatment is best for regaining the lost glory of your beautiful skin.

You are gifted with a beautiful skin and we at Celestee Clinic help you to regain smooth, shiny skin and maintain it. Our team of doctors, trained technicians and well mannered staff ensure you to provide quality treatment at an affordable price then what are you waiting for? Just call us and schedule an appointment with our Dermatologists.

We at Celestee Skin, Laser and Hair Clinic invite you for a visit to our clinic and consult our doctors and let them help you to study your skin.Rediscover yourself and get back the lost glory of your Skin.

Why Choose Us

Dr. Raj Kirit and her staff provide up-to-date skincare solutions to patients. Our Clinic specializes in conditions affecting skin & hair Solutions. Our goal is to provide all the care that you need when you’re experiencing these kinds of problems. We want to make it easy for you to access the best quality treatment and support in Hyderabad.

The clinic is conveniently located in Hyderabad, so it’s easy to visit us if you need to see a dermatologist. You will find yourself in a very comfortable and welcoming environment. We have created a relaxing space where you will receive the highest quality of care.

We can help with all kinds of Skin and Hair problems like Wrinkles, Acne, Acne Scars, pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Age Spots, Brown Spots, Enlarged Pores, Blackheads, Stretch Marks, Dark Circles, Dull Looking Skin Complexion, Uneven Skin Tone, Texture, Melasma, Sun Damage, Fine Lines, Hair Loss Treatment and Prp Treatment. We have a team of experienced skin & hair specialists who can diagnose and treat all kinds of conditions. Our state-of-the-art clinic has all of the facilities needed to tackle your skin & hair problems. We can even provide specialist services in Hair Transplant.

Call us to book an Appointment for Lase Hair Removal Treatment at Celestee Skin Laser and Hair Clinic, our mobile no. Is +91-9908534999,+91-8179217456 you can Book your appointment Easily.


Although the patient would have to be able to notice the results after your first session at Celestee Skin Laser and Hair Clinic, laser toning is a gradual process. Generally, 3 to 4 sessions required at once every three to four weeks would deliver optimal results to the patient. Many patients who want to maintain the results also visit the clinic after every two to three months.

The laser toning treatment has not taken much time. However, the duration of the treatment depends upon the area to be treated. If a person wants treatment over specific areas, then the treatment generally takes about 30-45 minutes while a full face laser toning may take up to 2 hours.

Mild swelling & bruising is common but it tends to go away on their own after some time. However one can resume their day-to-day activities after getting the treatment. Even, one can apply makeup after the treatment as it doesn't damages the skin.

Laser Toning results in an evenly textured, soft, and plump skin with reduced appearance of fine lines and freckles, brown spots, eye bags, fine lines and brown spots, freckles, eye bags, enlarged pores, and redness. The treatments also provide a rejuvenated, renewed, and radiant complexion after the treatment. With regular Laser Toning treatment, one can experience a drastic transformation in their skin. People who feel self-conscious due to pigmentation or other skin concerns can opt for this treatment and regain their self-confidence. Also, it is a quick and safe treatment with no downtime which makes it a viable treatment for working professionals. For clear glowing & Healthy skin in no time Get Laser Toning.

Laser Toning treatment is highly effective for the skin but it must be performed at a well-trusted and certified clinic. At Celestee Skin Laser and Hair Clinic, the laser treatments are performed by trained professionals. The clinic has the latest laser technology to perform Laser Toning so that the patient does not experience any discomfort while undergoing the treatment.

As described already, the cosmetic surgeon will use a Q switched laser for this procedure. Its low energy breaks down the pigments. During this Laser toning procedure, these broken melanin particles are absorbed by your bloodstream and eliminated from the body.

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Amazing, just got my lazer with dr Sri Devi and Manjula they were so patient with the process and were very helpful. Thank you so much! This place has never disappointed me. All the best!

Kundan Vishwanath

Dr. Raj sir was so patience nd explains everything clearly the staff also receiving very well and there caring towards patient was excellent i love the services here and doctors are friendly

Anil Anilkumar

Good experience with celestee Dr raj kirit he is the best skin and laser specialist in all over Telangana…

Jaya Dheeravath

Good dermatologist in Hyderabad we have ever seen before like this doctor Dr Raj kirit sir is very friendly and helpful very good.

Mahesh Suggal

I am feeling very happy to meet Dr. Raj Krit Sir. I am very glad to met Dr. Smt Alekhya Mam too… has been a smooth process. Everything about the laser treatment was explained in detail and the process was done under the guidance of doctor. Over all it was a easy breeze though we have so many thoughts running in our mind. The people here are experienced and help us feel comfortable. Thank you so much…

Jaya Lakshmi

I would like to thank Dr. Raj Kirit. He is a very polite doctor working at Celestee Clinic located in Film Nager. He had done my laser toning treatment. The process was painless and I would recommend Celestee Clinic to everyone.

Sayan Dutta

I am very pleased with how my skin looks and feels after having chemical peel done by Celestee Clinic. Melasma was bothering me, but topical medicine and chemical peel therapy helped. I’m also really happy with the procedure’s cost-effectiveness.


Useful information given by Dr Raj Kirit about dark spots and their management in my recent consultation with her. I am really looking forward to great results from Celestee laser treatment to revitalize my dull complexion.


The laser treatment for scars has done wonders for me and now I have a scar-free skin. All thanks to the Celestee skin, laser and hair clinic.


I highly recommend Celestee for dull skin treatment. Dr. Raj Kirit is best at his job and his pre and post-treatment support are very extensive.


The staff at Celestee is very knowledgeable about the services that they offer. Micro needling radiofrequency treatment was very promising.



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