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Platelet Rich Plasma


PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

Hair loss is a common factor which affects both in men and women of all ages. We all move ahead by accepting the hair loss since many years by giving excuses of change in climate , environmental factors ,lifestyles , pollution hereditary and so on.

Now no more excuses, we have many options to reduce hair fall and reverse hair loss permanently.

One of the latest and most effective treatment for hair loss is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP is the most opted procedure to Reverse hair loss and Regrow hair naturally. Plasma is a blood component which helps in healing of the wound when you get hurt or bleed or any injuries. PRP is used in Hair Restoration for natural looking hair. PRP has many growth factors which benefits in healing and tissues revival and regeneration.

PRP Treatment is used for
Hair Regrowth
Thinning of hair
Male and female pattern of baldness

PRP treatment for hair is done with patients own blood as it involves of blood plasma with platelets and its direct injection to the area affected by hair loss. PRP is the most safe and reliable treatment for regenerating your hair.

Benefits of PRP
Non surgical procedure
No side effects
Quick and easy
Safe and reliable
Minimum to no down time
Triggers collagen production
Promotes hair growth
Come let’s take an overlook of PRP therapy

Blood components play a vital role in the body. In total blood volume Plasma constitutes 55%. it contains proteins, salts, fluids, water, lipids and clotting factors. Plasma helps in coagulating blood and is a defence system against infections. It boosts the Immune defense mechanism of the body. Plasma consists of RBC, WBC and Platelets.

RBC - Red blood cells

It contains a protein pigment called Hemoglobin which gives that red colour to the blood and it also helps in carrying oxygen to all the cells of the body.

WBC - White blood cells

They fight back the invaders in the body like virus, bacteria etc. and protects the body from all the infections. Platelets They are small in size and plays a vital role in wound healing, clotting the blood and blood coagulation. Any repairing or damage caused or cut or injury or bleeding in the body they immediately rush to the site and heals the site by repair the damaged site. Platelets contain many growth factors which stimulate the cells and enhance its working procedure.

PRP treatment overlook this principle of Plasma and platelets working and functioning towards the body mechanism is used by the Dermatologist to heal the wounds and the working of hair roots. By regenerating the hair cells, triggers hair follicles improvement, increases the production of growth factors and stems cells are strengthened.

Once you are ready for PRP treatment the following points should be noted
1) Medical history of the family
2) Nutritional levels and daily diet
3) Medications of the patient should be discussed
4) Any chronic diseases need to be mentioned
5) Any recent or past surgeries
6) Patients should explain in detail the history of hair loss to the Dermatologists
7) The Dermatologist will assess the hair and scalp and give a detailed report up the hair loss and give the options for treatment
8) The Dermatologist may suggest for medical test, scalp test, scalp biopsy and blood test to determine the eligibility of the candidate for PRP hair loss treatment.

Uses of PRP

It increases the thickness of existing hair and stimulates hair growth at the site of baldness. PRP contains many growth factors which stimulates follicles of the hair. Only certified professional Dermatologists should be consulted for hair loss treatments.

We at Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic hold 15 years of experience with well trained and certified medical professionals and highly experienced staff. Our Dermatologists study about your Hair loss factors like growth factors, medical conditions, type of hair, thickness of hair, density of hair, scalp and skin sensitivity.

Just call at Celestee skin laser and hair Clinic and schedule an appointment with our Dermatologists to treat your hair loss permanently.

Here is what we need to know treating hair loss by PRP Treatment .

PRP treatment is becoming popular for hair loss treatments. Grow hair and confidence with PRP treatment. At Celestee Skin Laser and Hair Clinic we offer PRP treatments for hair Restoration, hair Regrowth, healing of hair follicles, improvement of scalp and enhance the look of the hair. PRP treatment is a minimally invasive procedure proven with great results in overall improvement of hair in both men and women of all ages.

PRP treatments role in Hair Regrowth
Improves thickness of hair
Improves density of hair
Improves quality of hair production
Strengthens hair roots
Triggers the activity of the tissues
Encourages hair growth
Gives a natural looking hair

Why do dermatologists suggest PRP therapy?

Dermatologists suggest PRP therapy as it helps to reduce inflammation. Plasma promotes proteins which helps the wound to heal. Platelets are one of the blood components which contain growth factors that help in triggering the growth factors of hair.

Uses of PRP
✓ Fast healing
✓ Triggers cell activation
✓ Tissue regeneration
✓ Scalp treatment
✓ Reactive the hair growth cycle
✓ Hair follicles are treated
Procedure of PRP treatment
# Draw blood from the patient
# Centrifuge it and collect platelets
# Insert platelets into the scalp where less hair growth is observed

Who is the best candidate to undergo PRP treatment for hair loss ?
1) Early hair loss can be treated at its best
2) Androgenic alopecia can be treated perfectly
3) For women it's the best process as it has to increase and enhance the thickness of the back hair
4) For optimal results the PRP treatment must be scheduled once in 3 to 6 months
5) Any medical disorders related to platelet count should be discussed clearly with the dermatologist
6) Any blood infections are chronic disorders should be compulsory mentioned to the dermatologist
A candidate can be discouraged based on the following points for PRP treatment
✓ Acute immune disorders
✓ Chronic organ diseases
✓ Skin allergies
✓ Platelets dysfunction syndrome
✓ Low blood count
✓ Cancer patients
✓ Low platelets count

Dr. Rajkirit the most experienced Dermatologist and an Expert in PRP had trained many dermatologists all over India on Usage of PRP, deals with a patient centric approach. His motto is to study and know your problem and believe in your determination of healing and provide you our committed and dedicated service.

How long is the Recovery time after PRP treatment
1) Minimal downtime, most of the candidates immediately resume to the daily routines after the PRP treatment.
2) It takes time for the normal and natural hair to grow on its own after the treatment .So, let's have patience in the healing process.
3) As part of healing process, do not disturb this cycle by using anti inflammatory medications during the procedure and any other medications without the Dermatologist suggestions.
4) Eat and drink healthy food during this procedure.
5) It's not a quick fix program but it slowly generates the hair growth by activating the hair roots and the ligaments.
6) Recovery time varies for different individuals and their treating site and the body response to the healing.
7) As it is a simple process towards healing process, two to three sessions will give you the desired results .
8) Results are noticed on a long term, often permanently.


In recent years female pattern of hair loss is seen commonly due to the imbalance of hormones, stress-strain, dietary factors and genetic disorders. Mainly we notice in female pattern hair loss

Thinning of hair
Less healthy hair
Very less volume of the hair
Thinning hair lines
PRP is a scientific method for treating Hair loss, especially in following scenarios,
#Expected reasons
#In female pattern of hair loss
#Hair roots are bulged or blocked
#Inflammation in hair follicles
#Disturbance in Hair growth cycle
#Shedding of hair from the roots
#Unhealthy scalp
#Androgen Alopecia is a Hairloss disorder .
#Mainly caused by genetic disorders or environmental factors

Hairloss causes psychological issues and disturbs our confidence. Mental stress in leading social life is also commonly seen. PRP is minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. It has gained popularity in recent years around the world among men and women. In our centre we have the best protocols and hence it is done with no side effects, efficacy and Results are superior as we use global standardisation, evaluation techniques, and we have standardized the Hair loss Treatment.

Disclaimer : No Follicles and complete baldness with no hair roots!
For Them PRP is not the option. Hair transplant is the best option which gives you the best results.

PRP TREATMENT FOR MALE PATTERN HAIRLOSS Halt Hairfall! Male pattern Hairloss patterns are completely different from female pattern Hairloss .
Early onset Hairloss can be easily treated by PRP hair loss treatment.
Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic had innumerable Treatment options to restore hair naturally. Dr. Rajkirit is an expertise Dermatologist in Hair Transplant Treatment .
His service to the people had won many awards. His guidance will be very beneficial to treat hair loss.
What is Male pattern hair loss ?

Androgenic alopecia(AGA) is common among male patients. Men type of Hair loss mostly runs in the family. Hair loss is seen on top and front of the head. This is primarily a genetic condition. Hair fall starts from temples or crown of the head then it results to receding M shape .

PRP is best clinically proven scientific approach, clinically efficacy, acceptable, safe form to treat Male pattern of hair loss. Initial start of Hair loss can be perfectly treated with PRP treatment. Don't delay till it's too late and then u become bald.

Just give a call to Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic and schedule an appointment with our Dermatologist to study about your Hair fall patterns and strength of hair roots and Regrowth healing process.

1) Medications used by the patients on the daily base should be strictly discussed with the dermatologist
2) Dermatologist instructs required medication to be or not to be taken on the patients medical condition
3) Hair products should be used as per the Dermatologist suggestions and prescriptions before and during the PRP treatment for hair loss.
4) Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption before and during the treatment of PRP
5) Vitamins or minerals for blood thinners or anti inflammatory medications consumptions should be discussed with the Dermatologists may be on in his instructions they may be advised to avoid for certain period during the PRP treatment procedure.
1) Strictly follow the diet and medications prescribed by the dermatologist
2) Hair products like shampoos, lotions, serums or conditioners should be used with the advice and prescription of Dermatologist.
3) Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption as it disturbs process of healing during the prp treatment
4) Cover your head and scalp from direct sunlight
Get more in-depth information regarding PRP treatment by scheduling an appointment with our Dermatologists at Celestee Hair, Skin and Laser Clinic

Why to choose Celestee Skin, Laser and Hair Clinic?

In service to the people and to extend his services to everyone, Dr. Rajkirit the only Dermatologist to have a vast experience and Surgeon has established Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic. He is a Visionary since 15 years he and his team are treating and medicating clinically tested and approved, best methods by providing a quality, safe and visible results. We use highly standardized technology and techniques for e.g. a refrigerated centrifuge which very few clinics in India can boast about.

* We are experts in dealing hair loss procedures since 15 years.
* We are the innovators of PRP therapy in Hyderabad and Telangana,
* With our strong desire and dedicated service towards treating the Patients and their utmost satisfaction are the results of a successful years. With our latest use of technology and professionalism in the evaluation of the condition and treating precisely is our motto.
* You shall be receiving a specialised personalized plan and treatment for your issues.
* We offer US FDA approved treatments only under the supervision of the topmost Dermatologists. *Our exceptional medical standards, safety protocols, professionalism, medical practices and modern techniques will give you the optimal results.

With the correct diagnosis of the reason of hair loss by our expert Dermatologist the right treatment options are discussed and your journey towards the hairgrowth will begin. Most advanced techniques and personalized care with a customized plan will be given. Still don't believe us, just check our ratings, our 15 years of experience and count the happy customers with their reviews and testimonials.

Grow hair naturally with PRP treatment.

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