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Vitiligo Surgery


Vitiligo Surgery

The face is the index of mind. Celestee is a camouflage to lift up your confidence. Vitiligo is seen commonly during these days. Vitiligo is a multi-factorial skin condition which can be genetic or environmental affected that causes the loss of skin colour in blotches. This condition is seen when the pigment producing Melanocytes stop producing the "Melanin" pigment. First, it appears with a small patch and starts spreading in the whole body in blotches. This condition is not life threatening or contagious but the appearance of patches on the skin is very distressing.

Vitiligo is commonly seen one in 100 people. It can start at any age in men and women. Vitiligo affected people are always healthy and can lead normal activities every day. Treatment and care at an early stage is beneficial and can prevent it from spreading to other body parts.

  • What is Vitiligo ?
  • Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease. Vitiligo is a condition where the skin lose its own natural colour. Initially it starts with small white patches are with a small white dot mostly appear on sun exposed areas. Skin is observed to lose its colour in patches. Skin looks discolored and affected areas are highly sensitive to sunlight. The white patches on the skin appear when the pigment "Melanin"which gives colour to the skin is inactive or melanocytes are completely destroyed. These Melanocyte cells are responsible in producing this Melanin pigment.

  • Facts of Vitiligo
  • Examine and diagnose
    ✓ Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease.
    ✓ It can affect Men, Women and Kids irrespective of their races, gender, age or ethnicity.
    ✓ It is neither infectious nor contagious to the other person.
    ✓ Depigmentation of the skin.
    ✓ There is no cure for Vitiligo but medication and treatment will slow down the Depigmentation process.
    ✓ Vitiligo is not a disease but it is a skin disorder.
    ✓ Not all the white skin patches can be treated as Vitiligo.
  • Who can be affected by Vitiligo ?
  • ✓Vitiligo can be affected both in Men and Women.
    ✓Few kids also will be affected by Vitiligo.
    ✓Irrespective of age, sex, race, religion, ethnicity Vitiligo is affected.
    ✓20% of Vitiligo cases are due to other auto immune disorders like Thyroid dysfunction,
    Type 1 Diabetes.
    ✓In 30% of cases it runs in the family
    Prevention is better than cure. Deal with early signs of Vitiligo and any queries we are just a call away and Get Diagnosed about your skin conditions.
    Mostly affected areas or identification in the initial stages
    # Sun exposed areas face, hands, and legs
    # Folds of the skin - elbow, groin, knees
    # Orífices -eyes, nostrils, genitales, lips
  • What are the different Patterns of Vitiligo?
  • The physical examination itself reveals the status and type of Vitiligo by an experienced Dermatologists who can give an accurate Diagnosis.
    # Patches on the skin
    # Light colored patches
    # Heavy loss of skin colour
    # Full loss of skin colour
    To study about Vitiligo, the Dermatologists have classified Vitiligo into the following groups
    Type 1- Focal
    Confined to particular area
    Type 2 - Generalized
    This is the most commonly seen condition with many spots on all over the body
    Type 3 - Segmental
    This is an uncommon type of Vitiligo. This is very rarely seen as spots will be noticed on only one side of the body. Usually seen in childhood.
  • How to identify Vitiligo ?
  • All the white patches not Vitiligo. So, it’s advisable to confirm the diagnosis with Dermatologists.

  • Do vitiligo patients suffer with Psychological disturbances ?
  • It is not life threatening but need to worry as it is a life altering. People dealing with Vitiligo develop

    ✓Tough to deal with emotions
    ✓Low self esteem
    ✓Discomfort in public places
    ✓Low confidence
    ✓ Negative Psychological feelings
  • How is Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic different from other clinics ?
  • Once you enter into our Celestee clinic, our trained medical professionals examine.
    ✓ Type of Vitiligo
    ✓ Study about your patches
    ✓ Stage of Vitiligo
    ✓ Extent to the spread of Vitiligo
    ✓ Examine and diagnose
    ✓ Skin type
    ✓ Body immune system
    ✓ Spread of Vitiligo

    Our team of Doctors under the supervision of Dr. Rajkirit strive hard to give best results for you by giving a customized personalized plan to treat this at the earliest.

  • What are the Enquires which have to be done to Treat Vitiligo?
  • ✓ Our Dermatologists enquire about your first spot noticed.
    ✓ Since when you are living with Vitiligo
    ✓ Medical history like any other auto immune disorders
    ✓ Exposure to chemical industries
    ✓ Working in sun for a longer time
    ✓ Whether it runs in family
  • What are the Causes of Vitiligo ?
  • Melanocytes stop producing the pigment called Melanin. The cells stops producing the pigment or inactive since a while or completely dead. Vitiligo is considered as an autoimmune disease. The White blood cells attack the one's own immune system or its own cells.
    ✓ runs in families
    ✓ Hereditary
    ✓ Exposed to industrial chemicals
    ✓ Melanoma
    ✓ Other medical conditions
    ✓ Other autoimmune disease
    Repeated trauma such as rubbing or scratching of skin may trigger Vitiligo.
  • What are the Signs of Vitiligo ?
  • ✓ Patchy loss of skin colour
    ✓ Premature whitening
    ✓ Greying of hair
    ✓ Discolored skin
    ✓ Loss of colour in eye lashes
    ✓ Loss of colour in tissues
  • What Protection has to be followed by a Vitiligo patient ?
  • Self-care is the best cure.
    In Vitiligo condition the skin is a very much sensitive to the sun, protection from the sun's
    ✓ UV rays need to be done by applying sunscreen lotions.
    ✓ Facial patches can be covered with branded concealers.
    ✓ Do not tattoo the skin discolored area as it can create more inflammation.
  • What need to be shared with the Dermatologists ?
  • Explain your family history of Vitiligo sufferers
    ✓ Previously any medications are used for the prevention of Vitiligo
    ✓ Any other autoimmune disorders
    ✓ Initial stages of Vitiligo
    ✓ Any history of alopecia
    ✓ History of medical disorders
    ✓ Any exposure to UV rays are industrial chemicals
    ✓ Medical history
  • What are the Treatments available for Vitiligo at Celestee Clinic?
  • Treatments include various therapies. It can be cured and the appearance can be improved. Medications are given to increase the immune power. The Vitiligo condition affects differently for different people and the condition of spreading also differs. At Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic, Dr. Rajkirit and his team will help you to deal with this and there customized treatment plan will help you to gain confidence and treat the Vitiligo bravely. Doctor and Surgeon Dr. Rajkirit is serving people since 15 years and has done many surgeries and Treatments under his supervision with many happy patients living a happy life free from skin disorders. Highly Updated modern technology is used to treat all the services mentioned in our website.

    Case of occurrence of Vitiligo is different for each individual. one Treatment is not same for the other but the Dermatologists study your case , response of repigmentation of the skin ,its stability and so on .

    Listed are few Treatments which will be done at Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic for treating Vitiligo
    1) Initial stages can be treated via topical creams and ointments which affects the immune system with small Patches or areas of Depigmentation.
    2) Topical treatment such as Corticosteroid or any other medical Creams are helpful in controlling inflammation and triggers repigmentation of the skin.
    3) Phototherapy When Steroids are not so useful then Photo therapy procedure is recommended. This can be done 2 to 3 sessions in a week depending on the condition of the skin. To get a balanced skin tone recommendations done by Dermatologist need to be followed strictly. UV protection sun glasses with the application of Sun screen lotions are highly recommend for Vitiligo conditions to avoid inflammation and for a better result.
    4) Grafting is a common cosmetic surgery since a decade. Grafting depends on age, size, type and extent of Vitiligo. Skin grafting and Punch grafting are other options depending on the severity of the skin conditions affected by Vitiligo.
  • Greying of hair
  • Discoloured skin
  • Loss of colour in tissues
  • Laser treatments for Vitiligo

    Laser treatment is mostly recommended for Vitiligo patients as it is the best treatment to improve the appearance of skin colour.

    Dr.Rajkirit E.P. and his team of medical professionals will help you with the steps and tools to deal with this condition. Treatment improves the appearance of the affected sites but cannot be cured completely.

    Skin grafting

    Skin Grafting is opted for stable Vitiligo patients whose Vitiligo was not manipulated are changed since 6 to 8 months. In this procedure ,normal healthy skin will be taken as a "Donor"tissue and then grafted surgically or transplanted into the areas where the skin is affected by Vitiligo. Healthy healing of the skin or Repigmentation on the skin will be noticed and further medication or treatments will be assessed.

    Punch grafting or Mini grafting

    This is the simplest and least expensive in all the grafting procedures. Transfer of punches of skin tissues from the healthy "Donor" site is surgically transplanted into the area affected by Vitiligo the "Recipient" site of the skin. With minor modifications and proper precautionary measures, improvement of minor complications can be eradicated under the supervision of the Dermatologists.

    5) UV light therapy
    6) Laser treatment
    To restore skin pigment Laser treatment is highly recommended. At Celestee Skin Hair and Laser Clinic Renowned Doctor and Expertise Surgeon Dr. Rajkirit and his team of doctors and other medical professionals use highly safe and Effective forms of LASER to treat Vitiligo cases.
    There is no prevention or permanent cure for Vitiligo but the appearance can improved under the supervision of Experienced Dermatologists.
    Laser treatment for Vitiligo
    Laser treatment is mostly recommended for Vitiligo patients as it is the best treatment to improve the appearance of skin colour.
    The excimer laser therapy works on only the skin affected areas of Vitiligo shall receive this laser energy. The patients unresponsive to Topical treatment, Phototherapy, UV method this Laser Treatment is recommended.
    Excimer laser treatment is the latest method which is used by the Dermatologists to treat many Vitiligo patients. For an efficacy and optimal efficiency Excimer Laser treatment is combined with Topical steroids for 3 to 6 months depending on the level or type of stage or severity of the Vitiligo.
    In all the about treatments a case study will be maintained and the repigmentation of the skin will be assessed for the further proceedings.
    Dr Rajkirit and his team of medical professionals will help you with the steps and tools to deal with this condition. Treatment improves the appearance of the affected sites but cannot be cured completely.

    Why chose Celestee clinic for Vitiligo ?

    ✓Thousands of successful stories
    ✓ Happy patients free from skin discoloration
    ✓ Reviews and Testimonials
    # Please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending on condition and type of Vitiligo.
  • Why to opt for Celestee Skin,Laser and Hair Clinic ?
  • Don't stop dreaming because dreams give you wings to fly. Thousands of successful stories with a noticeable results and many happy patients since 15 years who are treated and medicated for all the stages of Vitiligo.

    Dr. Rajkirit the renowned dermatologist and Surgeon is an expertise in treating Vitiligo and his scope of treatment and instructions ensure you to give better results. It's the time to take an action and treat Vitiligo by scheduling an appointment with our Dermatologists.

    At Celestee Clinic
    # Dr. Rajkirit, the Renowned Dermatologist and # Expertise Surgeon with 15 years of experience in this field
    # Vaidya Ratna award for his dedicating service in the medical field
    # Experienced, well trained and certified medical professionals
    # All the treatments are highly upgraded modern technology and US FDA approved
    # Trained technicians
    # Well trained and helpful staff
    # Friendly ambience and attractive atmosphere
    # No pollution
    # Cleanliness is maintained everywhere

    ✓Thousands of successful stories
    ✓ Happy patients free from skin discoloration
    ✓ Reviews and Testimonials
    Please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending on condition and type of Vitiligo.

    The most experienced team of cosmetic surgeons under the supervision of Doctor Rajkirit will use the advance US -FDA approved techniques .Our team will design a customized plan for the treatment of Vitiligo and do a case study for few weeks and with the response of its Repigmentation on the skin will be studied and a detailed consultations with the patients will be taken for further treatment options. Initial stages can be easily treated and the response of Repigmentation of the skin is quickly noticed. Stable Vitiligo can also be treated by disappearing the patches and improving the appearance of the skin but in few cases the response of the Repigmentation is very slow so a combination of other aesthetic methods with steroids and preventing guidance will be given to get optimal results.

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